Eat these food to prevent it

START eating for Vitamin A & prevent these health issues.
Generally people think Vitamin A deficiency causes eyes related problems. This is not the whole truth including eye’s health as Vitamin A causes many other health issues.
– Loss of appetite
– Gas/acidity, indigestion
– Heart weakness
– Respiratory disorders
– Sores/wounds
– Acne/pimples, blemishes
– Hair fall, baldness, dandruff
– Weak nervous system
– Infections
– Slow child growth, weakness & trouble in teething
– Blindness, blurred vision etc.
– Low immunity
– Deafness
– Cancer
– Fetal growth problem & less lactation in breastfeeding moms.
– Infertility & conceiving problems

How to prevent Vitamin A deficiency?

Eating Vitamin A rich foods is the best solution to combat this condition. Also contact your doctor for proper diagnosis & possible treatment. Eating below foods is the natural way to prevent deficiency of Vitamin A.

Fresh coriander leaves, spinach, cabbage, fresh mint leaves, radish leaves, ripen papaya, tomato, carrot, ripen mango, lamb/goat’s liver, milk, eggs, butter/ghee, banana, orange, lemon, bael fruit, hand processed rice, pears, pearl millet (bajra), fish, broccoli, sweet potato, red capsicum, dark green leafy vegetables, cheese etc.

Eating particular foods combat some condition & creates other complications as above mentioned butter/ghee, cheese, eggs, milk etc. are good for Vitamin A deficiency while consuming this may increase fat & other health issues. Very confusing! Ancient medical science Ayurveda says balanced dosha (body constitution), balanced dhatu (tissues), balanced agni (digestive fire) & balanced malakriya (excretion) means balanced health e.g disease free body, proper balance of vitamin & minerals etc. Adopt Ayurveda for healthier & happier life.
Cheers to healthy life!!! Dr. M. A. Chaudhary

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