Have you ever drunk lemon water this way ?

DELICIOUS & HEALTHY lemon water  Almost everyone likes to drink lemon water for it’s ultimate health benefits. BUT here is a way, you can double it’s benefits. Let’s uncover the benefits of hot lemon water. Drinking lemon juice in normal water & cold water are most popular widely but when you switch to drink lemon juice in lukewarm water, it has numbers of untold benefits.

1) It removes infections, acts as anti-bacterial & useful in cold & cough.
2) It relieves body aches & refreshes the body.
3) It boosts immunity level, enhances mood.
4) It balances pH level by creating alkaline environment in body.
5) It provides citric acid to the body.
6) Contains pectin & fibers which helps to reduce appetite & excess weight.
7) Helps to heal urinary problems, regulates blood pressure because of potassium content.
8) Very useful for oral health, removes odor, promotes fresh breathing etc.
9) It improves digestion, relieves gas/acidity & constipation.
10) It removes toxins, prevents heart failure, flushes liver & kidneys.
11) It reduces wrinkles, acne & pimples. Good for skin health.
12) It promotes hair health, prevents bone related issues.
13) It prevents from cancer & reduces harmful affects of radiation.

There are many more benefits of this amazing drink but before opting you should take advice from an Ayurvedic physician. As each food has it’s own contradictory issues with each individual.

Stay healthy – Saty fit – Live well!

Dr. M. A. Chaudhary

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