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AYURTREE HERBALS a renowned name in holistic wellness industry which is ISO 9001-2015 Certified company & registered with Ministry of commerce & industry. Ayurtree Herbals is serving mankind since 1929 by ancestors of Dr. M. A. Chaudhary.

With the only aim to serve a large number of masses, the company has started online services since May 2008. To provide wholesome holistic wellness to society the company has organized the team of well experienced holistic health experts in Ayurveda, Unani, Naturopathy, Yoga, Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The Ayurtree Herbals involves manufacturing & marketing of Herbal/Ayurveda/Unani products, Holistic health education, Ayurveda tourism, Acupuncture/Ayurveda Acupressure services & training & Holistic wellness services. The company has been honored and awarded for excellent services & practices. The company believes in innovation, therefore the founder Dr. M. A. Chaudhary has developed the innovative holistic wellness by using modern era technologies to empower common lives with quality.

Ayurtree Herbals Offers Unique & Innovative Holistic Approach:

Offering world-class cyber clinic where everyone can be benefitted with well organized & automated online treatments. These online organized treatments are much similar to local treatment. Our online treatments include proper email consultation, chat consultation, body constitution (dosha) analysis, doctor’s supervision, analysis of the previous history, diet & lifestyle assistance, Customized preparation & priority doorstep delivery etc.

 Offering well researched & well planned Ayurveda weight management program which has been awarded as “Best Ayurveda Weight Management Program in India 2017”. This program is featured to identify the root cause of obesity, customized medicines as per dosha analysis & present health condition, customized Ayurveda diet & lifestyle assistance to ensure & promote healthy weight loss. So far thousands of people have been benefitted with this program globally.

 Offering corporate holistic wellness to boost company’s productivity by healing body, mind & soul of personnel. Common diet & lifestyle errors affect the personnel work & so far many corporate have realized it.

 Offering world-class advanced acupuncture services within India. Well researched & new secret points do wonders for anti-aging, weight loss, joint pain, paralysis, migraine etc.

 Offering online holistic health education for personal well being with easy to understand courses & training.

 Offering quality Herbal/Ayurveda/Unani/Acupuncture/Spiritual products.

 Offering Ayurveda tourism for different locations in India.

 Offering World’s first wellness club to empower everyone to eradicate common illness with low cost.

Offering world’s first lifetime support and guarantee on All Treatment. Click Here

 Offering Ayurveda diet & lifestyle treatment as a disorder of these both factors produces patients at large scale & contribute to big pharma industries.
The therapy and caring of Ayurtree Herbals have set a new dimension within the therapeutic means of all sorts of chronic illnesses, lifestyle issues of the contemporary era. Our expert consultants, experienced doctors have completed wonderful work of their chair for making individuals, aliment free & joyful in their life with the proper practices and habits.

We assure genuine, precise and Pure Ayurveda. Every click on this website will bring you nearer to complete well being, Concord and happiness. Get pleasure from the holistic well being with Ayurtree Herbals.

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