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Thyroid Care Package

Thyroid dysfunction is an autoimmune disorder, which causes thyroid gland over-active called Hyperthyroid & the underactive thyroid gland called Hypothyroid.  According to Ayurveda, all body activities depends on Agni, a metabolism process. Ancient Ayurveda Shastra (books) has references to treatment & disorder of thyroid. The main reason of thyroid as per Ayurveda imbalances of tridosha which is generally caused by unhealthy lifestyle, wrong or incompatible foods, impure water, climate conditions, toxins, imbalanced diet etc. As per Ayurveda thyroid gland is a very deep tissue (Majjadhatu). Majjadhatu is governed by Kapha Dosha. It is very tough to manage or heal it with herbs & diet, but only possible when other five dhatus functions properly. General causes are heredity, prescription medicines, radiation therapy etc.

Symptoms & Risks

Hypothyroidism                                                                      Hyperthyroidism

Weakness/Fatigue                                                                Irritability/Anxiety

Sensitivity to cold                                                                 Sleeping disorders

Dried skin                                                                               Fast pulses

Anxiety/Depression                                                             Weakness/Anxiety

Joint stiffness/pain                                                              Tremors of hands & fingers

Hoarse voice                                                                          Sensitivity to heat

Increased cholesterol level                                                Weight loss

Weight gain & swelling                                                       Enlargement of the thyroid gland

Slow pulses                                                                           Loss of libido

Menstrual disorder                                                               Menstrual disorder

Memory loss/Mood swing                                               Bulging eyes

Loss of libido                                                                       Loss of libido

And more…                                                                          And more….

Health risks

Infertility, Birth defects, Impotence, Heart issues, Mental health issues, Renal problems, hair loss etc.


Ayurtree Herbals presents CUSTOMIZED THYROID CARE PACKAGE program which is based on more than 5000 years old authentic Ayurveda medical system. More than 50.000 people have been benefitted so far with our revolutionary wellness mission. We prepare unique formulation after analysis of each individual present health condition & body’s constitution (dosha). The customized treatment procedures include customized medicines, customized Ayurveda food guidelines & Ayurveda Lifestyle. Combination of this treatment procedure ensures to a balance of tridosha, Improves metabolism, Improves thyroid functions, Correcting all 6 dhatus, energize the body, detoxification, improves digestion, improves joint health, improves renal functions, reduces swelling etc. Click here How Does This Program Work? to explore total customized treatment process

Each one one month package contains:

  1. Ayurvedic formulated herbal capsules: 60 Nos.
  2. Ayurvedic Formulated churnam (powder): 120 Gms.
  3. Ayurvedic formulated gutika (pills): 120 Nos
  4. Ayurvedic formulated gutika (pills): 120 Nos.
  5. Online pre-treatment customized consultation.
  6. Ayurveda customized diet & lifestyle guidelines.
  7. Dosha, tissues & present health analysis.
  8. Online doctor’s support throughout the treatment period.

Some medicines may be added if required depends on consultation.

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