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Treatment Duration 3-6 Months
Price 28900/-(3 months) | 52000/-(6 months)

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Super Weight Management With Ayurveda

Obesity is considered a disease in Ayurveda called “Meda Roga”. According to Ayurveda it is imbalance of Meda Dhatu & Kapha dosha. As per Ayurveda there are many common causes that are responsible for gain weight. Generally below mentioned concepts are considered healthy by other sytem & techniques to reduce weight.

Many small meals: Ayurveda suggests to have 2 or 3 meals maximum a day. In between snacking or taking many small meals to feel full is wrong as it interrupts digestion & leads to weight gain. As per Ayurveda, you should eat only when digestive fire is on.
Wrong food combination: Taking wrong food combination (Incompatible foods) “Virudhdha Ahara” is also major reason to gain weight. Example: Banana shake, Oatmeal with milk or orange juice, eating more than 3 fruits at the same time etc.
Fasting or low fat diet: Your body always requires proper amount of vitamins, minerals & nutrition. The best resources to get them is eating natural foods according to your body constitution. Fasting, low fats diet, only juicing, salad diet etc. malnourish the body, causes joint pain and health issues, thyroid, mental weakness, stomach problems etc.
Existing health issues: Suffering from many health problems such as Thyroid, Diabetes, PCOS, Fibroid, Menstruation disorders etc. prevents body’s mechanism to lose weight. Treating obesity with improper ways while having these health issues has no use. Each health issue requires precautionary diet that can be prescribed by  doctors only.
Diet & Lifestyle disorder: It is called “Ahara & Vihara” in Ayurveda. There are lot of small habits that leads you to gain weight & unhealthier life. Example: Sleeping too much or sleeping less, Sleeping during daytime, Eating at wrong time or anytime, Smoking, Late night dining & sleeping, less physical activity, Not eating according to your body constitution (dosha) etc. Remember one person’s healthy food can be poisoning for another one.
Diseases that leads to obesity: Hypothyroid, Diabetes, Indigestion, Constipation, PCOS, Irregular menstruation cycle, Hormonal Imbalances etc.

Symptoms & Risks

General symptoms can be noticed as increase of hunger suddenly, Tiredness, Breathing problems, Frequent indigestion, Excessive sweating with odor, Increased sleeping hours, Less productivity, High BP, Increased Cholesterol levels, Heart health issues, Irregular menstruation, PCOS, Hypothyroid, Swelling, Dull sexual life/Impotence, Liver disorders, Infertility, Diabetes, Joint & bone health issues etc.

Customized Weight Loss Program

Ayurtree Herbals presents SUPER WEIGHT LOSS program which is based on more than 5000 years old authentic Ayurveda medical system. More than 50.000 people have been benefitted so far with our revolutionary wellness mission. We prepare unique formulation for each individual according to their present health condition & body’s constitution (dosha). The customized treatment procedures include customized medicines, customized Ayurveda food guidelines & Ayurveda Lifestyle. Combination of this treatment procedure ensures weight loss, Inches loss, deep detoxification, improves digestion, improves joint health etc. Click here How Does This Program Works? to explore total customized treatment process.

Life Time Support & Guarantee

Explore our program’s unmatched FEATURES. After enrollment into the program, every individual will have flexible options to consult our doctors throughout the program via Email or Chat messenger. We are always available to assist our members. Generally our team responds to all queries & requests within 24 hours. We are also introducing wellness club on yearly basis to make our program more effective & risk free weight loss. We understand that due to hectic lifestyle, work load, social gathering, in between health issues etc. your eating habits can get weak & stress that may cause fluctuations or weight gain. Our lifetime guarantee ensures to cover th ese issue s at very low cost & assures you to help maintain a healthier & ideal weight. Here you can avail this option.

Super Weight Management Package

Ayurtree Herbals presents world class authentic Ayurveda based treatment for ideal & healthy weight reduction with Panchkarma Goodness. Completely new improved & upgraded formula. India’s first 100% hand crafted solution. Enriched with swarn bhasma, rajat bhasma & more than 48 pure hand picked & fresh herbs. Package comes with complete 3 months customized authentic Ayurveda based medicines, customized Ayurveda diet & lifestyle guidelines & unlimited online doctor’s consultation throughout the program. Prepare under 3 level quality control environment based on ISO 9001-2015 standard to ensure the best results. Proven formula approved by department of Ayush (Govt. of India).

Estimated weight reduction with Super package as on users’ feedbacks: 10-35 Kg in three months.

Complete 3 months customized Ayurvedic formulation as per your health.

No inferior products, supplements or shakes but complete Ayurveda based weight loss treatment which includes high quality herbal formulations. This assures you to attain healthy & natural weight loss in short time span.

 Exculsive Fully Customized Ayurveda diet & lifestyle guidelines.

You need not spend single penny on misleading diet or fasting plans. We provide Ayurvedic diet & lifestyle guidelines based on Ayurvedic scriptures which are thousands of years old.  It allows you to have all healthy & local foods in organized manner. No need of fasting or starvation. So, this is going to save lacs of your treasures which you spend on diet programmes.

Exclusive pre-treatment Customized online consultation.

We do not provide ready to use supplements. After purchasing our packages, we provide you 100% customized online consultation via Email. This consultation reveals your internal health condition & dosha (Body constitution) imbalances. After depth evaluation of your health by our team, we formulate your Ayurveda based treatment. Generally this type of consultation costs you thousands of rupees.  See how does it works?

Unlimited doctor’s consultation via Email or WhatsApp throughout the program.

We do not work commercially. We care for you all through the program so that you can attain healthier life. You can consult our doctors via Email or WhatsApp as many times as you want. Explore the eating wisdom, clear doubts, get suggestions and much more.

Add on supplement Organic wheatgrass juice powder.

Having this juice in the morning ensures your healthier life and natural detox. This miraculous juice has tons of health benefits & helps to fulfill many types of vitamins & minerals deficiencies.

 Add on supplements 100% pure Ayurvedic tea (Nicotine free).

Made from more than 17 herbs & totally nicotine free, tea leaves & coffee free. It helps you to shed weight by balancing KAPHA dosha and good for overall health.

Body constitution (Dsoha) analysis & present health study.

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