Treatment Process

We believe in real term of personalization & customization. We do not believe in fit for all size products & thus following the true ideology of Ayurveda. Therefore we provide complete pre-treatment consultation, evaluation of present health condition & body constitution (Vata-Pitta-Kapha). Thereafter we formulate medicines, Ayurveda food guideline, Ayurveda lifestyle suggestion according to your health & body constitution which ensures your complete health care & healthier life. All our treatments require about 2-3 days of complete consultation process, medicines formulation process 4-6 days & 4-6 days to reach to your doorstep.

You will love to say, “This is better than my local clinic”.







Pre treatment online consultation (Download & Upload the consultation form)


Deep analysis of imbalances body constitution (dosha) & present health condition. Identifying underlying root cause of health problem.


According to case research, preparation of medicines, Ayurveda diet & lifestyle processing.


Dispatching packages including Ayurveda diet & lifestyle with instructions through fast delivery to your doorstep. (Also you can view Ayurveda diet, Ayurveda lifestyle & instructions etc. on your health profile dashboard on the website)


Anytime view your treatment details & request for doctor’s suggestion through one click from your health profile dashboard.




This is how our holistic wellness team of Ayurveda, Unani, Naturopathy, Yoga/Meditation, Acupuncture experts design your treatment.

DETOXIFICATION: Everyone who is suffering from different illness, requires detoxification because the body eventually may get filled with different kind of toxins including cancer-causing toxins. Detoxification accelerates the effects of medicines & makes renews your body. Our deep level detoxification process helps to cleanse the internal & external organs as well. (No loose motions or side effects)

Metabolism & Digestion: Boosting metabolism & digestion helps to improve overall health. Since impaired digestion & low metabolism makes fat/ toxic cells instead of vitamins & minerals.

Fat cells Treatment: For deposited fat reduction our customized herbs formulation according to your health condition & body constitution reduces the deposited fat cells. No matter you’re suffering from thyroid, PCOD, hormonal disorders or any other illness. This treatment helps to balance your three doshas also supports in various health issues such as joint pain, gas/acidity, weakness etc.

Rejuvenation: Our treatments include “Rasayan” which helps to rejuvenate your body completely. It nourishes your body organs along with tissues level (Majja) nourishment. This therapy is the important factor for dosha balancing.

The goodness of Panchkarma: included with our weight management program & some other treatment packages. Nasya, Jihwa parikshalan, Nithya taila kriya etc. are pearls of panchakarma which help to detox you a new level & nourishes your untouched organs.

Ayurveda diet: After deep analysis of your body constitution (dosha) & existing health issues, our doctors prepare customized Ayurveda food guidelines from the ancient Ayurveda eating wisdom. Eating as per your dosha ensures to heal particular disease, prevents from other illness & lead you to the healthier life. Following Ayurveda eating helps to balance all three doshas.


Ayurveda Lifestyle: It’s called “Vihara” in Ayurveda. It plays important role to keep you fit & healthy. Our deep analysis of your body constitution (dosha), existing health issues & living region helps to guide you with proper lifestyle such as meal timing, meal portions, sleeping management, exercise, emotion, relation etc. Ayurveda lifestyle is directly associate with metabolism. Digestion, digestive fire, sleeping, heart health, obesity & many other health factors. It is mendatory to follow even for healthy person as it leads you to healthier life & gives you longevity.


Body constitution (Dosha) Balancing: As per Ayurveda imbalance of particular dosha causes different illness. Therefore we focus to balance this important factor to heal particular illness. Our pre treatment consultation & deep analysis of each patient’s case helps us to provide you a unique & specific formulation, Ayurveda diet & Ayurveda lifestyle. Customization of all three pillars of treatment ensures to balance your all dosha.




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